Ulysses Newkirk

I’m here at E. Warren Community Studios to accomplish a few goals

  • To assist E. Warren Community Studio in establishing an economically regenerative media program that effectively serves the established residents and communities served by the E. Warren Tool Library.
  • Helping E. Warren Tool Library to make its online presence a great tool for the people in its service community.
  • Establish “Turn-key” Digital Communications Arts services for individuals and organizations looking to own and run a Professional Service business with a heart to serve the community around E Warren Tool Library and E Warren Community Studio.
  • Design and construct my first and second Artist in Residence living spaces and programs to assist Detroit Communities in accommodating, attracting, retaining and supporting Applied Artists and Applied Scientists seeking to share their skills and experience employing the arts to provide demonstrations of responsible, regenerative solutions to environmental infrastructure conditions at a neighborhood level.
  • Collect data for a Neighborhoods as Learning Environments Study
  • Assemble a Proof of Concept demonstration in order to gain local support for public art scape projects
Everything you need to know about U. Newkirk

EWCS has invited me to bring my 30+ years of graphic communication and design services to its community of people.

I like people that focus their attention on the processes of what we’re working to produce.

I enjoy teaching the basics of making and using art materials.


EWC Studio Tech Support / Content Creator / Artist / Designer / Unapologetic Detroiter from Detroit Proper

I believe engaging me in the political discussion of anything is too often for many people simply a masochistic act of sexual violence.

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The TarTar All-Stars
Hitsville 2 Yeoville

Hitsville II Yeoville

The Detroit Electronic Music Conference (DEMC) is a dynamic series of comprehensive, In Person and online DJ and electronic music workshops. Spin Inc, DIME Detroit and The Loft & DJ School (Chile), on MAY 24- 27 | 2022


we can explore and discuss grown-up stuff and that googleplex of possibilities running through your head, as you contimplate the number of zeroes in a googleplex.

Art in the Garden Flyer. Rachel Washington

In the early 2000s I started helping “Baba” Wayne Curtis teach Art as Activism.

“Baba” Wayne Curtis

Since 2010 we’ve been making art in “Mama” Myrtle’s community garden, which has become an international hub for creativity.

In 2021 Fox Creek Artscape hosted a month of weekend concerts for visitors to Detroit’s Month of Design festival.

With encouragement from

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